Your 24/7 Duty-Free Store

Anyone who's wandered through airport duty-free stores in Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, New York or London, has undoubtedly seen the thousands of products celebrating those cities - hoodies, t-shirts, trinkets and more.  

The silly question that's begging to be asked is - would someone who's originally from Dakar, Lagos, Mombasa or Johannesburg have to travel thousands of miles to get a classy hoodie or t-shirt celebrating their hometown or special places they've visited in Africa? 

At Si Mambo™, we don't think so. In fact, if you visited the airports in most cities in Africa, you'd probably not find the unique merchandise that you have on

Si Mambo™ is your everyday duty-free store - minus the trip to the airport or a 3,000+ mile trip! At Si Mambo™, you get high quality Africa-themed apparel that you'd be proud to throw on, every day of the week.

Way more than apparel, at Si Mambo™, we celebrate life. We celebrate special moments. We celebrate relationships. We celebrate loved ones.

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