Have you ever caught yourself laughing out loud or tearing up, lost in memories of experiences that happened years ago and thousands of miles away? Treasured memories take you back to special places and moments in life. None can tug at your heartstrings more than memories of times spent in Africa. 

Whether you're of African descent, or you grew up, lived, worked in or simply passed through Africa, your impressions of your experiences and your emotions of the people you touched and places you visited will linger with you long after you've left. 

Be it the hug of a friend or family member, or memories of late night conversations around a crackling wood fire, or the thrill of your last safari, or even the fresh smell of the earth after the rains... Africa never leaves you. 

At Si Mambo™, we celebrate special moments. We celebrate relationships. We celebrate loved ones. We celebrate life!

Our Inspiration

Here's the simple idea that in 2022, inspired us to launch Si Mambo™:

While it's Ok to wear a New York or London themed t-shirt or hoodie to work or to hang out with friends, wouldn't it be cool to instead wear one that celebrates your favorite place, experience, or hometown in Africa, be it Dakar, Lagos, Mombasa, or somewhere in between?  

Our Community Focus 

Community is such an es­sen­tial part of life across Africa. You sup­port those around you. We pledge to do­nate a percentage of our an­nu­al net prof­its to pro­fes­sion­al or­ga­ni­za­tions across Africa that are cre­at­ing en­vi­ron­ments where chil­dren can learn, thrive and be­come lead­ers of to­mor­row.

Our Promise to You

We stand behind every product in our catalog.  

If ever you're unsatisfied with either your customer experience or the products you ordered, we promise to make it right by you. 

Our Team

We're a small team based out of Atlanta, GA that's passionate about creating bold, stylish, Africa-inspired designs that will prompt you to smile, laugh, or even cry (with joy).

Inspired by our childhood experiences growing up in Africa in the 1980s+ (Cameroon and other countries), we're excited to pioneer a streetwear brand that proudly celebrates Africa. 

As a black-owned business, we proudly support and are inspired by our African culture and heritage.

Our Name & Our Tagline

"si mambo" comes from two Swahili words:

    • "si" is short for "sina" that means "I don't have" 
    • "mambo" translates to "'things', issues, or problems" 

    Together, "si mambo" means 'no problems' or 'no worries'. Our name was inspired by a Swahili greeting commonly used by tourists in East Africa: "Jambo?!" (singular form of "mambo" which translates to 'Thing?!' or 'Problem?') means "Hello?!". The usual answer to 'Jambo?!" is, "Sijambo!" ("Nothing" or "I'm fine")

    Our brand name Si Mambo™ expresses contentment with life and with oneself. We celebrate authenticity and persistence in the face of adversity. We celebrate special moments. We celebrate relationships. We celebrate loved ones. We celebrate life!

    Si Mambo™! Life's Good!